Lissos was ancient city. Located in the bay of Saint-Herons between Sougias and Palaiohora This location is a small coastal plain are surrounded by rocky hills. Near the sea the width of the valley is reduced to about one hundred and fifty steps is the church of Our Lady, which seems to have been built on the site of an ancient temple. The Archaeological Society of Western Crete has completed the first excavations in the ancient A / Ace in the year 1957-1958, and revealed valuable building and finds that determine, inter alia, the existence of a temple of God Asclepius. Indeed a small but beauteous temple of Asclepius randomly came to light in 1957.

In this area are remnants of a polygonal wall, parts of buildings, ruins hot, lots of granite columns, small theater Greek and Roman times, with whirlpool facilities for the treatment of patients after the fountain and source of many anepigrafa pedestals. The foot of the hills around the small valley of Saint-Herons are full of graves. These graves are not carved in the rocks, but each of them is independent small build. The interior has a length of eight or nine feet wide and six or seven. The height of the arch of the dome is almost six feet. The entrance to the burial of these buildings, which often is bunk, is so small that only fit one person. Many of these tombs have their interiors coated with mortar, kept in very good condition and the necropolis was described as the most impressive of Crete.
Asklipieio flourished from the 4th century to the imperial Roman period. It was small Doric temple constructed of large hewn stones. In excavations, found a large number of votive statues and statuettes depicting the god Asclepius, goddess Health and Pluto.
Most statues found headless and the work goes back to the end of the Hellenistic and Greco-Roman times. Most guys are classics.
From the temple of Asclepius remains of the frieze and cuts with peltate accessories. Just below distinguished establishment probably associated with the source of the sanctuary.
Apart from the above, many more gold finds were found which attest the richness of this ancient city. These findings now adorn the archaeological museum of Heraklion and Chania.
The thermal water of the area was the reason to acquire Asklipieio great reputation. Became an important center of hydrotherapy with visitors from all over Crete and the northern coast of Africa. Lissos always maintained good relations with the other cities that existed in this part of western Crete, as was the Hyrtakina, Syia, Elyros and the city Kalamidi. Maybe there was and seaport Yrtakina.
Of all these ancient cities, it seems that only Lissos minted coins. This is consistent with the hypothesis that there was an important commercial center.

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