The Kakodiki is from Chania 64.5 km first mentioned in 1577 as Cacodichi with 495 residents.
It is believed that the place name came when pirates understood Paleochora in 1539 and destroyed by Barbarossa, after betrayal local, the pirate came in the village and camped near the source of Aghia Triada. There judges traitor to death, because those who betray their fellow countrymen are unworthy and dangerous friends. His companions after Barbarossa marked as bad trial.
Constantine Amantos says that the toponym owe Byzantine primary name Cathodic or kakodikios which is likely since there is the current legal thread mistrial.

In mistrial are frescoed churches. Archangel Michael with frescoes dating from 1387. The Virgin Mary, with frescoes of 1331. Also the church of St. Isidore, which dates back to 1420.

During the revolution of 1821 the Turks massacred 70 women and children and destroyed the village.

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