Κεντρικός δρόμος κάμερα

Live camera from “Agios” cafe on main crossroad in palaiochora

Τοποθετημένη στο Agios bar
Χορηγός καμερας : Agios bar

Agios Bar Paleochora

Γρήγορα θα αισθάνεσαι ότι ανήκεις εκεί και δεν θα το ξεχάσεις. Θα νιώσεις ότι χτίζετε ένας δυνατός δεσμός με αυτό το ζωντανό σώμα που λέγετε Άγιος. Και κάτι σα μαγικό, ένα ξόρκι θα σε κάνει να θέλεις να καθίσεις λιγάκι παραπάνω και λιγάκι παραπάνω , χωρίς να υπάρχει ξύπνημα το επόμενο πρωινό, παρέα με τους δικούς σου ανθρώπους αλλά και με άλλους που μόλις γνώρισες, από παντού , από όλα τα μέρη του κόσμου , εκεί, κάπου στο νότο … Μια παρέα !

Γίνε κομμάτι της ζωής μας και θα γίνουμε κομμάτι της δικής σου . Για πάντα.



  • reply joseramirez ,

    I just love looking at this. I’ve sat many, many times at or near the table opposite the pharmacy – you can just see it in the bottom right hand corner of the picture – drinking a coffee, a beer or occasionally an ouzo and watching the world go by.
    Just wonderful. I wish I could spend an hour there now despite the weather.

    • reply Norbert ,

      Watching the world go by. The best thing I could do in Paleochora the last 36 years. Or as Jason Mraz would say:Paleochora as I know it it’s a remarkeby place….

      • reply Norbert ,

        Lost an l, sorry

    • reply Blomman110 ,

      Good morning Paleochora, I took a look every morning and I love it specially the view from the taxi office and on the Sandy Beach. I will be there in April.
      Ljiljana from Stockholm.

      • reply Nikos ,

        when you will come call me.

        • reply AVB ,

          Yiassou NIKOS!!! …ise KAVLA???

      • reply Αλυγιζάκης Μενέλαος ,

        Καλημέρα χωριανοί……………..εύχομαι να είστε καλά…
        Πάλι πέρνει τις πέτρες…Και εδώ στα χανιά το ίδιο είναι αλλά με λιγότερη ένταση του ανέμου!!!! Καλά να περνάτε..
        Μενέλαος Αλυγιζάκης

        • reply Μιχαλης ,

          Χαιρετισμους στην ομορφη Παλεοχωρα.Απο την κρυα Γερμανια .Καλα να περνατε!!!!

          • reply barbara ,

            it is such a plesure to see the live webcam! i have been there so many times and i miss it soo much!! it is winter here now, snow and ice and cold…i am comming in june cant wait..

            • reply lefteris ,

              always veiwing the web cams skala cam goes pixelated at night but goodto see the town and will be popping in for a raki come September yassas

              • reply rob ,


                I also look every morning but please clean the camera’s before the carnaval happening. I don’t like to miss something. The one of notos is not working good.

                • reply andy hagerty ,

                  Have a great carnival. looks good on webcam.

                  • reply Sophia Neda-Koufidakn ,

                    Episkeutnka tnv Palaiochora gia prwtn fora fetos tov Iavouapio k tnv agapnsa para polu! Lupamai movo pou dev eixa ethei pio vwpis… To karvabali faivetai polu xapoumevo, kamia sxesn me tnv mouvtn Agglia pou briskomaste…

                    • reply michalis ,

                      Μπραβο Μαικ.χαιρετισμους.Μαλλιαρος

                      • reply Pentaris Antonis ,

                        Kalispera apo tin krya Germania!!!!!!!!!!! Kala na pernate!!!!!!!!!!!!!I kamera ston kentriko den doyleyei.Pentaris Antonis

                        • reply gorge12 ,

                          Doulevei file mou

                        • reply joseramirez ,

                          A great idea to reorientate the webcam. I saw a lot of the carnival It was lovely. I wish I had been there.

                          • reply lefteris ,

                            wow people sat out in main street at 22.45pm

                            • reply Michael Maniotis ,

                              Very nicely done!

                              • reply Dalesgal ,

                                Love these webcams but they are very jerky at the moment…Does anyone know why?

                                • reply Natalie ,

                                  I think that a problem in Internet channel capacity. It too low.

                                  • reply Norbert ,

                                    Too much salty dogs in the air, maybe….

                                  • reply Dalesgal ,

                                    You might be right Natalie….It does seem to vary and can’t all be because of the effects of wind on the cameras.

                                    • reply Dalesgal ,

                                      They do seem a bit better at the moment though :O)

                                      • reply Lefteris ,

                                        all looks good in pale counting the time now till we land in kriti

                                        • reply lefteris ,

                                          happy Easter to everyone in paleochora

                                          • reply leda ,

                                            gia sas eim o denis apo tin ameriki wrea h paleochora sto kentriko

                                            • reply disqus_TvQK91IZjT ,

                                              Hi will be their 2 wks cant come quick enough come twice a year just found this site Fred

                                              • reply spiros zigouris ,

                                                Καλησπερα σε ολους!
                                                spiros zigouris

                                                • reply Kalle 67 ,

                                                  Here in southern Finland it´s raining snow and water, nice to see that you have sunshine and 25 degrees. Waiting for next July and Zygos!

                                                  • reply Odd Tullberg ,

                                                    ohh We just love you Paleochora – Anidri gorge .. ouzo and beer at the Old School House, Anidri beach, Jannis place … and .. and … sooo good, Eva and Odd

                                                    • reply Odd Tullberg ,

                                                      We stayed 21 sept . 5 oct – perfect weather, Our daughter got maaried at Anidri beach – dinner at old School House with music – perfect! Recommended.

                                                      • reply Νικολας ΛΕΩΝΙΔΙΟΝ ,

                                                        To χωριο σας ειναι φανταστικο χαιρετισματα στον Μανουσο τον διευθυντη της Πειραιως!!!! Ευχαριστουμε πολυ για την φιλιξενια φιλε

                                                        • reply Andy Hagerty ,

                                                          I’m afraid the webcams have not been working for some time, at least not to a Mac.

                                                          • reply ΛΕΝΑ ,


                                                            • reply Norbert ,

                                                              Nice to see my people there. But the last thing I would recommend (living in Germany) would be icecream. It’s on the streets here anywhere……

                                                              • reply Norbert ,

                                                                But I will be back in May, August and maybe September. That’s what I live for.

                                                              • reply gona ,

                                                                carnival starts! Grettings from Poland 🙂

                                                                • reply Andy Hagerty ,

                                                                  Enjoy the Carnival.. Greetings from UK.

                                                                  • reply θοδωρης ρηγακης ,

                                                                    μακαρι να ημουν εκει!!!!Χρονια πολλα σε ολους,καλο μηνα και καλη σαρακοστη!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Υγεια και ευτυχια σε ολους!!!!

                                                                    • reply elisabeth ,

                                                                      good night, paleochora

                                                                      • reply Σαντυ ,

                                                                        να πεισ στον Αγιο να κανει λιγο την καμερασ να βλεπουμε πιο κατω μεχρι του Τζανακη τα ηλεκτρικα , ,, , αΗδιαζω με τισ πορτες του ΦΑΡΜΑΚΕΙΟΥ

                                                                        • reply disqus_TvQK91IZjT ,

                                                                          Hi I spend time in Agious bar every night for 3 weeks in June and 2 weeks in September I look at the web cams most days.looking forward p seeing every one in June

                                                                          • reply Colin G ,

                                                                            thanks for webcams…they bring back lots of great memories..i worked in palai 10 years ago for a season.,have been back briefly for holidays,will be visiting again this year.

                                                                            • reply snowflake ,

                                                                              The camera of Paleochora center doesn’t work properly, which is sad! I love to take my daily look at Paleochora. In September I will be there again!

                                                                              • reply Angelos Kakuris ,

                                                                                PALAIOXORA..YPEROXI..!!!! APO OLLANDIA

                                                                                • reply Daniel Syrovátko ,

                                                                                  in three months we’re home …

                                                                                  • reply Boiling Point ,

                                                                                    This camera seems to be out of focus saying that its still super watching main street looking forward to June

                                                                                    • reply Katarzyna ,

                                                                                      I love coming to Paleochora because of the sandy beach, nice views from hills, cozy buildings and tasty food. I miss this place.

                                                                                      • reply Jan Zieliński ,

                                                                                        Amazing Paleochora – we was here only one day (excursion by car from Gerani/Chania) but it was magic day. Blue Liviko Pelagos, smiled happy peoples, fresh wind…and taverna Odysseia. Hope this summer will be here…Paleochora 🙂

                                                                                        • reply gona ,

                                                                                          Like every year we are wathing carnival from Poland. grettings for all friends:-)

                                                                                          • reply Boiling Point ,

                                                                                            cams are not working??

                                                                                            • reply ritvak ,

                                                                                              Has anyone why we can’t see temperature any more in this live photos?

                                                                                              • reply Al Caldera ,

                                                                                                καθαρίστε μου !