Crossroad Camera

Live camera from “Agios” cafe on main crossroad in palaiochora

Placed at Agios bar
Sponsor : Agios bar

Agios Bar Paleochora

You will quickly feel that you belong there and you will not forget. You feel that you build a strong bond with this living body is called Holy. And something like a magic, a spell will make you want to sit a little bit more and a little bit more, without waking the next morning, along with your own people and others who just met, from everywhere, from all parts of world, there, somewhere in the south A group!

Become a part of our lives and will become part of your own. Forever.




  • Rita

    Sweet memories…
    Wish we were there…

  • Jacqueline Mignot

    Was there 2 weeks ago. Web cam doesn’t work.

  • andrea

    in un anno 3 volte sono venuto giu …e ogni volta sempre meglio grazie

  • Mike Dobson

    All cameras not working.

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