Bird’s View

Camera from the top of Palaiochora

With the support of: Ράδιο Ριζίτες 92,4 FM, Thalassa Cafebar


Welcome to Radio rezites,

first I want to thank you very much, choosing our station.

Radio broadcasts radicular Cretan music everyday around the clock, through the frequency of 92.4 fm, 1993.

We are located in the northwest of Crete, in Kissamos Chania, a province known to all for its history, for its natural beauty, the People of culture with strong morals and customs, but also for the great music tradition.

  • reply Petra ,

    What a beautiful new camera with a view over Paleohora, thank you so much!!

    • reply Oslocarl ,

      What a nice place to put a camera. This will be good.

      • reply Jacqueline Mignot ,

        very nice view. Is it normal that the camera doesn’t work anymore ?

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