Gavdos is located SE of Paleochora. It is a small island, approximately triangular shape with its apex pointing towards the south. The area not exceeding 32 square kilometer. It has a length of 10 km and a width of five kilometers. Soil configuration has ultimate connection with Crete. The Coast and especially the southern and western coasts is very brutal, but majestic and imposing. unlike the northern coast, ending quietly and smoothly to the sea.
The harbor, boat or refrain from palaiochora 32 miles. When the weather is favorable, the trip does not last more than 2 hours
Walking around the island to visit the various pavilions impressed by the rich often encounter. Forests and beautiful shady pine avoratoi cypress and cedar green
Residents of very old She respected the agreement. The houses built small, low, matched to the nature. So they managed to maintain the balance of nature with their own presence.
The few locals that do not exceed ten dozen today, people are simple, kind-hearted and affable, intelligent, glib and patient. Always willing to pamper you and tour.
From 1881 until the Second World War, the population average in Gavdos was about 365 inhabitants. From 1940 -1991, the population fell to third today so the locals can not reach 100.
The island’s history is very old, several archaeologists who occasionally visited her, and found remains of Minoan observed Hellenistic And Byzantine abstinence. Callimachus supports that Gavdos is the hostage of Ogygia, where the nymph Calypso lived. With pride residents show visitors, the remains of the palace and the caves where Calypso lived.
The Venetian Gavdos was only refuge corsairs. The year 1925 was recognized community and in 1942, prosartistike from Sfakia province, province ribbed seat the village castle. other settlements is the vine, the vatiana, the dependency and the port boat.

The people involved in many professions such as primary occupation of the farmer, the farmer, beekeeper, fisherman, as well of course the last year dealing with tourism. Visitors today when departing feels sadness and compassion for the residents of these isolated island. Rather jealous clean environment, tranquility and generally simplistic life.

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