Σκάλα Παλαιοχωρας κάμερα

Camera from harbour “Skala” in Palaiochora

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 Υπηρεσία ταξί στην Παλαιοχώρα με την οποία μπορείτε να ταξιδέψετε από και προς όλα τα χωριά , λιμάνια και αεροδρόμια της Κρήτης .


Γίνε Χορηγός

  • Dimitri

    webcam pictures are not looking as good now they have the grey overlay

    • AVB

      maybe the grey overlay is a piece of Perspex over the (new) webcam – the Old one Wont have lasted ONE season WITHOUT!!!

      • ₪₪₪ Э|Є ₪₪₪

        Stop nagging

        • AVB

          Not NAGGING – I am being HELPFUL you IGNORANT TOSSER!!!

          • AVB

            – Let it be duly noted that it was because of people having YOUR ATTITUDE ‘stop nagging’ when I had constructive ideas – that I almost drank myself to DEATH back there! – MANY of our Old Friends are now (also) ABSENT FRIENDS because of the SAME REASON!!!

    • George Vardakis

      Camera is usually covered up with sea, thats why it get that gray overlay

      • AVB

        covered up with SEA??? = lasted ONE season???

        • ₪₪₪ Э|Є ₪₪₪

          if you have problems come to Palaiochora to clean the camera yourself ungrateful asshole

          • Tony PennineShire Booth

            I was thinking to come back there – have Even been trying to connect to Others – I have been making a LOT of efforts (while ALSO studying for my Foundation Degree in Network Management) …the past Five YEARS on Facebook = NOTHING but Ungrateful Assholes (for me) …I am NOT the Ungrateful Asshole here!!!

  • Have a wonderful carnival in Palaiochora tonight 😀

  • dave bayliss

    Well done moving the camera for the carnival, the pictures were great. Thank you.

  • Victor

    We followed this great carnaval from Belgium. Very often we like to take look on the webcams of Paleochora. Sure we will come again in Paleochora. The chars of Carnaval were very beautifull, Congratulations

  • Maria

    I followed the carnival from Russia. It was very interesting, many people and many children. A pleasure to see, good colors and costumes. I like Paleochora very much! I was there many times and hope to return this year!!!

  • Yves Sailart

    make better quality hd

    • ?

      Yves Sailart?????????

      did you live there in 2003?

  • nietop

    Pozdrowienia z Polski! 1.04.2013 bedę w Chani :)))

  • Ute

    thank you for the webcam! It makes Paleochora a dream that stays a holiday goal!

  • kostas

    to internet pou ine sindemenes oi cameres ine poli sigano. kai oi oikones kanous diakopes. kat ta alla eine eiperoxa , kai na vlepeis to xorio sou zwntana.bravo giwrgo. sinexise afto pou kanis. phaxe kai alous sidromites na valoun pio poles cameres.

  • Klaus

    Thank you very much …… really nice !!!

  • Χρυσα

    Δεν λειτουργει η καμερα στη σκαλα!!!!

  • Guest


  • Guest

    an eixe mia camera mprosta sto inka na fenete i problita tha itan poly pio omorfa. giorgo kane kai tis cameres na dixnoun pio kathara. propanto to bradi.

  • Gordon

    Unfortunately due to illness we cannot visit at all this year so the web cams do keep us in touch with such a wonderful friendly Palaiochora. We miss you all. Fingers crossed for next year

  • Kamil

    Euxaristw gia tnv kámera sas,koitázw káthe méra,twra doulevei polu kalá.

  • Gordon

    Sandy Beach cam has moved and doesn’t show all the beach now

    • Percy the Pervert

      need an HD cam so everyone can have a Perv at the Fluff!

  • Celia

    When is the carnival as we missed it last year

    • gorge12

      You will be able to see the carnival this year at 1st of March . If you can’t be here you can still catch it from our camera’s !

  • Alexander Ratzek

    maybe there’s a grey overlay…none the less it brings back good old memories…

  • bparis

    Wow. The waves are crashing hard against the stone wall. Beautiful!

  • Boiling Point

    These webcams always bring pleasure and fond memories and it so nice to show friends a place i love and return every June and September!!
    As a tropical music DJ i travel to many warm places but this for me after 30 years still hits the spot where i can relax ,see you in JuneXX

  • Rita

    It’s so nice to see whats’s going on in Paleochora.
    Thanks a lot!
    In about 10 days we will see it in real…

  • Antonios

    Well, THAT was a Shock! – Siroccos at the BEGINNING of JUNE??? …If I saw that ever during my years there then I must have been (as usual) DRUNK like HELL because I can NOT REMEMBER!!!


    Γνωρίζετε να γράφετε ελληνικά ?
    Ντροπή σας να γράφετε ελληνοαγγλικά,τι Ελληνες είμαστε ?

  • gona

    Hello from Poland! We are waiting for carnival. Love Crete 🙂

  • Interesting to see the webcams from Palaiochora. Like to visit some day.
    I like to tell my friends but wish to pronounce the name Palaiochora right, is there anyone who can help?

  • Hans Vellerup Hansen

    I look at the camera from Denmark almost every day during this time because I have to travel to Paleochora at Easter and it work well except when there is a sever error

    If there are some who have problems it must be because they have bad internet connection or poor PC.

    Thanks for kameret

  • AVB – (TONY)

    EXCELLENT Clear Image today!!! – is Skalabar opening this year?


  • the amount of negative energy even sees the (temporary) closure of SkalaBar – but I still see WORKS going on; – BRAVO!!! …please re-open SOON!!!

  • eric

    It’s very nice ti see Paleochora from Paris France !!!

  • Boiling Point

    hi george I’ve tried getting cams up on 3 different computers in uk the notos cars stream works but all the others do not

  • Tricia

    I love looking at this camera before heading to bed. It always relaxes me and makes me smile. Thank you for sharing. 🙂

  • helios

    I will be back in 2017, it has been 4 long years, until then, My Best Wishes…………

  • Norbert Fontaine

    I’m coming in June (2017). I’ can’t wait!!! I’ve been at least 10 times in Paleochora but I can’t be tired of it